ALL payments should be done though ACTIVE, our registration and accounting site.

When you register for lessons through ACTIVE, you pay your $25 registration fee and then choose to pay the tuition in full or in monthly payments. If not paying in full, you MUST set up a payment plan by checking the box.

Automatic deductions are done on the 15th of the month. Fall semester has four deductions August – November, Spring semester: January – April and Summer: June – July.

NOTE: Cash or check will be accepted for payment in full but is not encouraged as it requires more bookkeeping on the part of the Conservatory.

You may make payments on ACTIVE at any time. ACTIVE recalculates your balance and still debits you on the 15th of the month regardless.

When registering for Summer camps, these have to be paid in full by the start of camp.

If you have questions about your account, you can access it through or contact the Conservatory Assistant at