Beginner, intermediate, and advanced violin lessons   are taught by  Whitney Garrison. These lessons are currently offered Tuesdays – Fridays  from 3:00-6:00 PM. Space is limited. The suggested starting age for these lessons is 6 years old. Lessons are held on the 3rd floor of Building C, in Room 305.

Ms. Garrison enjoys sharing the joy of music with people of all ages and looks forward to helping each of her students find their own unique connection with music.

Whitney Garrison graduated magna cum laude from Samford University with a BA in Music and French. She has performed with the Gadsden Symphony Orchestra, the Tuscaloosa Symphony Orchestra, and Samford University Orchestra (2008-2017) along with the orchestras for Samford’s bi-annual theater productions and the Red Mountain Theater Company. Whitney’s passion for teaching began in 2012 when she served as a mentor for arts students with the Martin Hames Mentor Program and volunteered as a string mentor and instructor for Scrollworks and the Music Opportunity Program.

In her own words,

“Through the past 13 years of music studies, I have been blown away by the power of music and the connections it has allowed me to make with others and my other fields of interest. I have seen music help people overcome disabling aspects of serious mental diseases and I have felt music alleviate every-day stress from my own life. Most importantly, music is a global language and it has served as a spiritual connection with people of all backgrounds and cultures. For me, the most rewarding aspect about being a music teacher is seeing my students find a genre that they can connect with and that opens their minds to the auditory grandeur that the world has to offer.  Music is a natural phenomenon, akin to the rhythmic pulses of our hearts, but with the creative touch added by each human being, music becomes magically unique and powerful to the performer and the listeners.”

Whitney can be reached at