Beginner, intermediate, and advanced level drums lessons are taught by Phillip Giles and Jim Pollard.  Mr. Giles and Mr. Pollard teach both snare drum lessons, and drumset lessons. For first-time students, a suggested beginning age for drum lessons is 5-7 years old.  

Drum lessons are currently offered on Mondays and Tuesdays.  They are held in the Orchestra Rehearsal Room, which is located just behind the main Sanctuary.

Class Descriptions

Beginner, Moderate, and Advanced Drumset

Student lessons will vary greatly depending on their level of proficiency, practice, and experience. They will cover subjects such as:

  • Proper technique of playing the drums
  • Playing different styles music: Rock, Country, Gospel, Pop, Jazz, Fusion, Hip-hop, Funk, Blues, Swing, Reggae…
  • Playing in different meters: 4/4, 3/4, 2/4, 6/8, 12/8, 5/4…
  • Using a metronome
  • Understanding rhythm theory and notation
  • Developing effective practice techniques

Beginner Snare Drum

Student lessons will vary greatly depending on their level of proficiency, practice, and experience. They will cover subjects such as:

  • Technique and rudiments for snare drum
  • Reading sheet music
  • Drills and fundamentals
  • Practice techniques

About Phillip Giles

Mr. Giles started playing drums when he was five. Listening to records, radio, and his mother, who was a pianist, he started to pick up the drumset on his own. At the age of eight, he started playing drums at his local church, assisting his mother on Sunday mornings. It wasn’t until high school that he began his formal training from teacher Greg Guemina.

Since college, he has played with a numerous amount of people. His first major band was Audio State recording artist Overfloe Jazz/Fusion band for 5 years. Since then, he has traveled and played with artist such as Christian band “Above See Level”, R&B artist Logan, Rock group “April Cover”, Gospel Recording artist Byron Cage, and more. Now he is a teacher and a contract drummer. He can be reached at phillipchris@gmail.com.

About Jim Pollard

Jim has always loved all styles of music since he was a child. His dad always had music playing whenever they were together. He bought him a snare drum and cymbal when he was twelve years old. It had a drum method book included so he started teaching himself to read. When he was 15, his dad bought him a set of Apollo Drums, and now it was time to learn.
Studies and teacher:
Rudiments: Barry Munshower
Orchestral snare and percussion: James Ross
Multiple Percussion: Jim Brown and Mike Panapento
Colleges music studies:
University of Montevallo
Samford University
Performance venues, studios and bands:
South Band
Ted Galloway Orchestra
Town and GownTheater
Jewish Community Center
Hotel Band
Alabama Symphony
Huffman Assembly of God
Hunter Street Baptist
Church at Trussville
Clearbranch UMC
180 Church
Double Oak Community Sherwood Baptist
Texas Radio Band
Bates Brothers Studio
AirWaves Studio
Sound of Birmingham Studio
PolyMusic Studio
Jeff Belcher Band
Exhibit A Band
911 Band
Jeff Jones Band
The bottom line: You must practice, learn your rudiments, learn to read music, have a servants heart, be a team player and love people. Music is truly a gift from God. He can be reached at homesandmusic@bellsouth.net.