Musicianship Classes!

Hello everyone!

Many of you may not know about the Musicianship Classes we offer on Tuesday afternoons! We offer two classes: Level 1 – Beginner at 3:30 pm, and Level 2 – Intermediate at 4:30 pm. These classes are held on the 3rd floor of the Francis building, in room 302, and are taught by our cello instructor, Elizabeth McGinnis. This class teaches music history, theory,  performance skills, and much more, in a fun, relaxed atmosphere! These classes are open to all music and art students, with no extra charge. Please join us this Tuesday!

Also, this fall we are offering the option of taking our Musicianship Classes ONLY. The cost for this class is waived if your child is already taking Music lessons, but for those of you interested in ONLY taking the Musicianship Class on Tuesdays, there is a one time charge of $140 for the semester.

Please register online or give me a call at 228-1025 if you are interested in these classes!


Amy Hanscome